Delete brand in EPM

In EPM>Sangoma I don’t have any expansion modules or the S400 under the models tab.
I want to delete Sangoma from EPM and have FreePBX re-download the firmware and start with a new template.

Is there a way to do that? I haven’t found anything in the wiki.

You need to update the module to current.

It is current same with the FreePBX distro. Everything is current.

What version of EPM are you using?

Module admin says 13.0.32

You are months behind:

# fwconsole ma list |grep endpoint
| endpoint             |  | 

Make sure that your license is current so you can receive updates, and renew if you have to:

Thanks lgaetz.
It’s always the simple things that get me.
License has lapsed.

Shouldn’t I be able to see the expansion modules and S400 under models even though the EPM license has lapsed? Latest Sangoma firmware I have is 1.26.

No if you have a licensed copy of EPM then you need to renew maintenance to get upgrades.

Got it thanks.