Delete an adhoc device while it is logged on

My freepbx is 2.5.1 and it is in “deviceanduser” mode.

I have a user 810 and I have 2 devices: device 005 is a fixed device and device 007 is an adhoc device that is logged on to user 810. I deleted the device 007 from my freePBX interface, removed the device and reloaded PBX. A few week later, I added the device 007 back to the system. This time, it became a fixed device for user 800.

I also have BLF created for user 800 and user 810. However, I found that when device 007 is in use, both BLF for 800 and for 810 light up. I tried many combination and finally I found a way to solve this problem by doing the following:

  1. change device 007 back to adhoc and to log out off first.
  2. then change device 007 to as fixed for user 800
    By doing so, when device 007 is in use, only BLF for 800 is light up.

It seemed to me that when an adhoc device is deleted while it is logged on to a user account, information about that device is still somehow preserved in the system. Can we remove all information related to a device when it is deleted from the system?