Delayed Ringing Problem using Follow Me


I am calling from an extension (252) to another extension (250). Extension 250 has Follow Me set up to ring 3 other numbers(250,450,110). FollowMe setting - Initial Ring Time 15, Ring Strategy ringallv2. On the phone I am calling from (252) I can hear it ring in the head set; the physical phone I am calling(250) is not ringing. It finally rings after about the 15 second period.

It should ring 250 before it even gets to the Follow Me. Anyone know why not?

  • FreePBX
  • Running Asterisk Version : Asterisk
  • Asterisk Source Version :
  • Zaptel Source Version :
  • Libpri Source Version : 1.4.9
  • Addons Source Version : 1.4.7