Delay on outbound calls

I have an issue where a user will dial a 10 digit number or a 3 digit extension and the phone will wait 20 seconds then start ringing. Other calls to the same destination, the ringing begins immediately. The issue appears almost random. The polycom VVX310 phones we are using have the send option to start the call, and the issue happens both with pressing it for an internal call and a 10 digit number matching the dial pattern and placing.Can anyone point me in the right direction as to why this is happening?

Check under Asterisk SIP Settings the STUN and TURN server fields. I had similar issues and deleted any address there and calls started processing faster.

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checked this, already blank, so no dice there.

Any other ideas out there? I realize it isnt much to go on. If anyone has an idea, please throw it at me.

A screencap of the CDR from one of these weird calls. The rep stayed on the phone about a minute before he hungup and called the same number again a few seconds later. The entire call all the rep heard was silence.
Second call worked without issue.

This still happens rarely. Not a huge issue, but does anyone here have a guess?

Since we’re guessing, mine is either going to be DNS interaction or menehune. It’s probably the former, but I’d love it to be the latter.

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