Delay of 3-seconds when answering calls external calls since upgrade 15 to 16

I upgraded FreePBX 15 to 16 and there is now a noticeable 3-second delay in audio when answering external calls.
This happens to calls on either of two Trunks, each from different Providers, one is SIP and the other is PJSIP

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I wouldn’t expect version upgrade to make any changes to affect incoming calls, not the asterisk version either. I’d go with a pjsip set logger on (or sip set debug on for chan_sip driver) in the Asterisk’s CLI to know where the delay is being introduced.

Thanks for the response, I tried “pjsip set logger on” but the output (and quantity) was meaningless (to me).
I also tried sngrep and it seemed more human-friendly but I don’t know how to interpret the results.
The delay is real, I can reproduce it repeatedly, and it affects PJSIP & SIP

Without the log or meaningful interpretations of them, we are not going to be able to get much further.

If you are going to make serious use of SIP, the ability to understand the pjsip set logger on level of output is a very useful skill to acquire.

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I have this precise issue after upgrading to 16 too. I am on the paid version with support and the support guy does not know what the issue is so has referred it to engineers after seeing the set logger report himself. At the moment therefore I cannot offer any information other than I have the same issue since upgrading. This delay was not apparent on the previous version and is troublesome because it now cuts off the initial greeting when answering the phone so people are saying “who is it” because to them, we have picked up and not spoken. Very annoying.

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I can help you to run the report if you need to output the report.

Exactly what we are experiencing too.
I imagine it will be an uphill battle to convince the community that this is not imaginary…
If you can post steps on how to run and stop the report from running, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Can you guys please explain your network setup? What firewall are you using? etc etc

Also, please share a full call trace with PJSIP debugging enabled.

I’m cleaning it up to remove actual ph#s and IP etc
The affected system is a VM, none of the extensions are local, and the affected extensions are at multiple locations, behind multiple different ISPs.
The only firewall is the FreePBX firewall.
Maybe I should try to test with the firewall off? I’d prefer not to

So the VM is a cloud VPS?

What firewall is there at the client site? Do they have this issue with all calls? Incoming, outgoing extension to extension?

I have a test extension setup at my office, outside the firewall, which is also affected, as are extensions at several client sites.
Outbound is not affected and apparently, extension-to-extension is not affected, only inbound through either of the two carriers, one is pjsip and the other is sip

So this is likely an issue with the carriers. A debug log should tell whats up.

Two different carriers? One trunk is pjsip and the other is sip
Are both having issues simultaneously immediately after updating to FreePBX 16?
Same two carriers are peered to other systems I manage without this issue?
There is such a thing as coincidence but, I don’t know

Without logs it is a guessing game.

Please get a clean log of a single call that has pjsip set logger on and rtp set debug on please share via pastebin.
The call is directed to a ring group
rtp debug is running simultaneously, was that what you wanted?

please define who vvv,vvv.vvvv.vvv is and why both legs are using it

A possibly related issue, since both mention a delay that started with recent updates: Delay after pickup on inbound calls to ring group

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Good catch, however, OP hasn’t included the full Asterisk logs and hasn’t provided context for the logs.

It’s related to all incoming calls (not only to a ring group). Solution is in the link you’re referring to.

After a few weeks of waiting, in my particular case the problem has been diagnosed by Sangoma Engineering and, after following their instructions, the issue has been fixed / worked around for me.

Sangoma engineering have investigated the issue and found that the delay in answering calls is caused by the “missed call” module (Missed Call Notifications). This is a new module on FreePBX / PBXact 16 that seems to have introduced said bug / delay.

Please try and if it also resolves the situation for you please do post and let others know but for me it has certainly fixed the issue.

The solution, at least for now, is as follows:

Uninstall the “missedcall” module, do not just disable it, and then reload the PBX config.

Please note that this will disable missed call notifications and remove its configuration, if you had configured this already.

The console command to uninstall the module is:

fwconsole ma remove missedcall

Then please reload the PBX config. This should not have an impact on active calls.

fwconsole reload

If you needed to install the module again, the command is:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall missedcall


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