Delay in processing more than 500 entry in BulkExtension

Hi All,

I m trying to simulate adding 1000 extension through BulkExtension feature in freepbx. First I tried with 500 entries and working fine. Next if I tried to add 800 entry and this takes more time to process. I m not even seen any results for each entry. The process never ends and if I refreshed the page then it shows me the “apply changes” button. Once I click this apply changes button then I can see 800 extension added in asterisk.

Can you guys help me why its taking more time and never ends?
Why I m not get displayed with any results?
Why its shows apply changes button after refreshing the page before ending the process?
Where can I check the logs for this process and to troubleshoot this?

Thanks In Advance,

This is a limit in php and the machine that you are running FreePBX on. There is a time setting in page.bulkextensions.php that sets a default processing time:

// This is a long running process, so extend time limit for execution.
// Typical PHP default is 30 seconds, but this only allows 100 to 200
// extensions to be processed. Setting time limit to 3000 seconds allows
// 10000 to 20000 extensions to be processed.

The above setting is for 50 minutes and should be enough for all systems.
Look in the error_log for httpd to see if you get any related info in that log.
Note also that on the main page of bulkextension there is a warning text:

“Bulk extension changes can take a long time to complete. It can take 30-60 seconds to add 100 extensions on a small system. However, on a system with 2000 extensions it can take about 5 minutes to add 100 new extensions”

Check you php.ini for the line memory_limit = and add more memory to the setting. Try to set it to 150M or even 250M depending of the memory available on your machine. Remember to restart httpd after the change.