Delay in outgoing calls

Hi all!

I connected my Asterisk to SPA400 GW which is connected to AT&T PBX. I have no exit to free PSTN, so I have to dial 9 before the entire number.

But, the AT&T need a little delay between 9 and the rest of numbers. How can I do that?

I have readed in somewhere that adding “w” in “Outbound Dial Prefix” solve this issue, but I couldn’t.

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance.

this is not really going to be on the Asterisk side. The communication to the gateway is through a SIP exchange where the gateway is told to make the call. You need to determine how to configure the gateway to present the proper 9+ pause when making the call out to it, ideally, transparent to the FreePBX setup so you are not forced to require a 9 to dial out.

If you were to use Zap/DAHDI hardware then you could easily achieve this by automatically inserting a 9www into the outbound calls. (where each w= 1/2 sec).

I’m using a SIP trunk with Linksys SPA400.

that’s my point, if I understand correctly. It’s a sip trunk to the SPA400 which has fxo ports that interface with the PBX. So it’s the SPA400 that needs to be configured to insert the delay somehow. With an FXO card you could control it directly, assuming that were an option (if the system were physically located next to the AT&T PBX.

Ok, I understood! Thanks a lot!