Delay in outbound calls

I am looking for some guidance. I have just installed FreePBX and everything seems to be working. However when I pick up the phone I get instant dial tone but there is a 10-15 second delay after dialing the outbound number and the ringing alert. I have looked online and haven’t seen any info on this so I suspect that it’s in my setup. Being new, I am not sure where to begin to troubleshoot this. Any advice of references to some trouble shooting steps is appreciated.

using Sipstation for sip trunk and Linksys SPA-941 phone.

Are you pressing the “#” key or Dial button after dialing the number?


Hi Bill,
The answer in no I wasn’t but will be! That corrected the problem. Is this something that can be added to a dial plan somewhere?

and thanks for your quick resonse!

I press # but after it still wait for 15 sec

What type trunks are you using?


I am using 2 channel sip trunk

I think you have to set up your dialplan on your SPA941 to detect the maximum number of numbers that should be dialed, similar to below:
[1-8]xx (for 3 digit extensions)
9,1xxx[2-9]xxxxxx (for 11 digit numbers with a 9 prefix)
9,xxx[2-9]xxxxxx (for 10 digit numbers with a 9 prefix)
9,[2-9]xxxxxx (for 7 digit numbers with a 9 prefix)

this would be set up in your phone’s settings and would be a long string, similar to below:

This will tell the phone to “Send” the call to the PBX after it matches a dial sequence.