Delay in outbound calls - Vitelity and other providers

We have 60 phones setup using freepbx and using Vitelity as the provider. Every now and then we are experiencing delay in making calls. Once you dial the number, there could be 30 second pause before you hear ringing or it will just time out. I am not sure whether this is a software issue or Vitelity. Can you please share your experience in this matter and advise us on how to troubleshoot this issue since its driving the users nuts ? If you prefer a different provider other than Vitelity which I am not even sure who are the other providers, please share your provider details as well.

Thank you.

Yeah, also seeing same PDD issue with Vitelity outbound with 2 different customers in different states. We’re sending call detail info when able to help them with troubleshoot.

If you are looking for alternative providers you should check out