Delay in Dialing with FreePBX, Plese help

Hello everybody,

I setup two extensions in AsteriskNOW installed in a virtual machine, one Movil with Zoiper in it and another Zoiper Softphone in the same PC where the AsteriskNOW was installed. No problem at all with the communication and the ringing was instantaneous as soon as one of the telephones was dialed. But when I tried to communicate two Hard SIP telephones each time that I dialed there was a delay of about 5 seconds until hearing the first ringing. Is that normal? the same thing happened trying with an AsteriskNOW Server in solo (Not in a Virtual machine). Is there a way to fix it up?, I´d appreciate someone could help me.


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Please understand that AsteriskNow and FreePBX are different systems. Both are used as a GUI on top of Asterisk. Perhaps you should ask your question on the AsteriskNow forums?

That aside, you will get the same behaviour regardless of server. VoIP does not send signals in the same way that analogue phones do. If your phone has a “send” button, press it after dialling to put the call through immediately. If you don’t have this button, try using the hash key after dialling.


The “dialstring” on your hard phone needs to be adjusted so that the call is completed as soon as an unambiguous match is dialled, for example and generically


would pass immediately the normal “feature codes” of FreePBX, OR 11 digit NANP dialling OR calls to the UK from NANP land, but in that case you would need to either dial the terminating # or wait for the “digit timeout”, conventially 5seconds. Although the “dialstring” is generally the same across most hard phones, you will need to consult your particular manual for more explicit instructions.

Given that, the phone will complete the dial after a match, but your Asterisk “dialstring” or outbound route needs similar attention, if the dial pattern is not “closed” then you will need to wait for it’s own digit timeout.

(typo, 01144xxxxxx. not 0144xxxxxxx. for the UK from NANP land, actually the UK has a “closed” dialplan so 01144xxxxxxxxxx (without the last . is good, but many countries like Italy have varying length phone numbers, so 01139xxxx. would be more appropriate there)

Thanhs Ateks, with the # key I can dial inmediatly now

Thanks Dicko for your advice, in the telephone there is an option for the dial time out, I found it. it was in 15 sec. and i changed it to 1 sec. And now I can dial the page groupe inmediatly after I press the 1 key in my case.

Well if you invariably dial quickly and accurately then there is no problem, most folks find the fuller answer a better solution though.

Yes you´re right Dicko, I appreciate your help, and with a fuller answer we can get a fuller knowledge about the subjet, thank you very much again