Delay after pickup on inbound calls to ring group


I have a pbx which we have routing calls to a front desk ring group, which contains 4 extensions and a 2nd ring group with a different ring tone with 8 more extensions.

When someone calls into that ring group, all extensions will begin ringing right away as expected, but once someone answers the call, the other extensions will continue ringing for a couple of seconds each. While the other extensions are still ringing, there is not audio transmitting to the person who answered. Once all the extensions in the ring group stopped ringing the audio begins working.

When I call directly to my extension, however, the audio begins transmitting as soon as I pickup.

I believe this has started when we updated our server to Asterisk 18.9-cert4 and PBX 16.0.33.


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I’m here for the same reason. I installed 1-2 months’ worth of Module and System updates, and now our ring group employees report this problem. The other phones continue ringing for 1-3 seconds after one person picks up, which causes everyone to assume there’s a second call coming in to be answered.

I don’t know which update caused it, or how to troubleshoot. The Call Event Logging tool only shows minutes, not seconds nor milliseconds, so it’s hard to know what’s happening there.

I got a report today from @spioli in support of a case of the Missed Call Notification module causing a symptom like this. It may be due to not having FastAGI enabled in Advanced settings.

Is this the FastAGI setting you’re referencing? Unfortunately it looks like it is already enabled.

If the Missed Call Notification module is installed, try removing it.


I am curious what is causing this issue. Would any of you mind sharing a full call trace via pastebin?

Hello, all. I had the same issue after an update with 5 users in a ring group. Worked good with one user in the group and with 3 users the connection was delayed about 5 seconds. When all 5 users were in the group it was aroiund 15 seconds.

Removed the Missed Call Notification Module and everything was back to normal.

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I speculate that this is due to the AGI file that runs when the ringing channel terminates, so several ringing channels in a ring group all run the AGI file simultaneously when the call is answered. There may be efficiencies to be made in the AGI, but may have to add a random delay on the channel before the AGI to prevent them all launching at once.

Thank you, Lorne!

Does anything run on the called channel after they answer? Perhaps via the U dial option?

I recently upgraded from FreePBX 15 to 16 and ran a slew of updates at the same time. This symptom presented after all of those updates were complete. I disabled the Missed Call Notification module and it immediately resolved the problem.

Thanks team!

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