Define two codes per feature

Is it possible to define more than one code or insert an OR specification into a feature code. Here’s what I want to do using enable call forwarding all (*72) as an example.

If I want to enable call forwarding all I want to be able to dial *72 OR 1172. For convenience I would like to be able to do this at the PBX instead of the ATA for the affected extensions.

Here are the ways I think this can be defined:

  1. Insert an OR condition in the feature code as 11[OR]*72
  2. Create an alias (via custom application or otherwise) for call forward all with a code of 1172.
  3. Define a dial plan in the ATA(s) (This only applies to certain analog telephones) with substitutions for each feature code (and parking sport) such as 1172 = *72.

Now this may sound absurd, but this is actually standard on POTS lines to make features accessible for users that don’t have a * on the telephone such as rotary dial telephones which I would like to use (this is a hobby project, I plan on using a Raspberry Pi FYI).

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