Default voicemail greeting mixed with the custom one

Hi everyone
I’m having an issue with my voicemail greeting: today I’ve recorded a custom unavailable message (using *97) and it’s playing fine, except one issue: right after my custom greeting is over it plays default one, which tells “please leave your message after the tone, when done hand up or press the # key”, so I’m having parts of 2 different greetings at the same time.
I’ve checked the recordings at /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/XXX/ (unavail.wav and WAV) - there is just custom greeting (and it’s fine, without any default addons) so it seems that freepbx is adding the default one using other (default) recordings.
Any idea how I can fix it?

Asterisk adds that by default you can turn it off in your “general settings/voicemail”.

(It’s aways a good thing to spend time exploring what you actually installed :slight_smile: )

I’m stupid sometimes :slight_smile:
I’ve recently moved from trixbox and it had this option disabled by default, so I never met it :frowning:
Thx for your help

Does anyone know how to do this in plain Asterisk (no FreePBX)?

I got exactly the same problem but the sample voicemail.conf doesn’t mention any setting that could fix this.