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Default UCP dashboard

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(Paul234) #1

Does anyone know if it’s possible to setup a default UCP dashboard for all users? I have setup a new Freepbx V14 server and would like to setup a default UCP dashboard for the users. If it can be done on the group level that would be even better.


(Greg Snover) #2

I would also like to know this - the current default is SPARSE! to say the least.

(Andrew Nagy) #3

Yes I know you are right. It’s something that is on the radar to add but doesn’t exist now. I realize this isn’t ideal but it will come.

(Greg Snover) #4

I haven’t looked at the configs it generates (or where it puts them) - is there any way I can configure my view, and then copy the file the view is stored in to other profiles? Or is it database driven and not a file?

(Andrew Nagy) #5

It’s in the database and it’s not simple to just copy and paste unfortunately

(Greg Snover) #6

Bummer - that is what I thought!

(Paul234) #7

That is unfortunate but not a show stopper, Thanks for all the great work you and the team are doing.

(Ilya Loginov) #8

Thank you for your answer! We have long looking for it!

(James Cass) #9

Andrew, will this be announced as a module update? I want to be on the lookout for it, but want to make sure I know what to look for.


(Kevin Murphy) #10

plus 1 for this feature please. I presume it is open as a feature request on the tracker…

Love the new look but would be great to have a default setup. Hope we dont have to wait until version 15 for this?

(ADTopkek) #11

+1 for this.

(Itzik) #12

You guys need to Vote for the feature request in the issue tracker, not here.

(Raymond Payne) #13

I did an upgrade to v14, and all the users lost their UCP Dashboards to get welcomed with a blank page, and a Click Here. I’m a little surprised that the dashboard doesn’t have a Default Config with the same things it use to have, or a way to customize it for everyone.

(Tom Ray) #14

For the record: The ticket has been sitting in Open/Unassigned status since Feb 12th 2017.

Now while everyone is being told to vote to make this issue happen it does seem a bit odd considering the first reply to the ticket from Sangoma:

This will come in the very near future. Its already planned for in user manager to let you define a layout as a admin users get when they first login and we will have a standard layout that you can modify. You are playing with pre-alpha release of something brand new that is not even beta yet.

As well there was another ticket: about the stock layout of the dashboard and there was one reply to the ticket before it was “Accepted” and closed.

This is pre alpha and before it goes stable we will have a stock layout that gets loaded the first time a user logs in and on migration from 13 to 14.

Here we are now, 11 1/2 months in the Stable Release and this feature is still not there and now requires the community to “up vote” it to have it be worked. Very strange, very strange indeed.

(Tony Lewis) #15

It’s not strange. We had planned to do it but ran out of time amd resources. UCP is Open Source and anyone is welcomed to help contribute and make it better. That is the beauty of Open Source and a community. We have thousands of tickets and request and we try and add features the community ask but as you can imagine we get pulled in alot of directions with demands.

(Andrew Nagy) #16

I asked people to vote instead of adding +1 or other comments.

Tom you are a well qualified programmer so if you need this feature right now you can program it yourself instead of stiring the pot on a 9 month old thread.

(Tom Ray) #17

Well thanks for the compliment, Andrew. Appreciate that. In fact, I did do just that and rolled out an external, centralized console that talks to all the systems and lets users manage/view their extension(s) and voicemail(s). Plus it ties into all my other platform services (XMPP, SMS, FAX, etc) in one place instead of trying to manage systems individually.

Really with my setup it just made more sense and logic to try and limit the amount of UI/interfaces the users need to have for managing all the services they might have with me including non voice or PBX related services.