Default route to multiple extentions


i´m new to FreePBX, so far we managed to get most things working as expected.

Comming closer to the point where we have to migrate from our current system to the new one, we are faceing the work to create all inbound routs for every single user.

Is there any way to define a route that catches all incomming calls and transfers them to the extentions refered to with the last digits of the number?

like someone calls 555-1234-30 and is mapped to the user with extention 30 but someone calling 555-1234-40 is mapped to the user with extention 40.

we sure could set up routes for every single user but this apears to be such a common usecase to us, that we belive there musst be a build in way to achive this.

thanks for advice.


Strangely it is not a built in function, but you can write a custom-context that should work for 2 digit extension mapping

exten -> _.,1,set(MYDID=${EXTEN:-2})
exten => _.,n,goto(ext-local,${MYDID},1)

just send your incoming call to that context.