Default Ringtime limited to 120sec-too short!

Is there a way to extend the default ringtime out to 300sec?

In Ringgroups it has that option, but the default ringtime on the extensions is capped at 120sec in the Advanced Settings.

An extension that is not configured to route to voicemail or another destination on no answer will ring indefinitely (though there may be a maximum imposed by the device).

As you noted, you can use a ring group with one member to gain a longer ring time but still have an alternate destination if it is exceeded.

However, please explain your application. A normal caller won’t listen to even one minute of ringback tone before giving up. You may want to route the caller to a queue or other call handling mechanism with a greeting giving assurance that the call will be answered (perhaps with estimated wait time), then play some music, periodically give an opportunity to leave a message or request a callback, etc.

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When our receptionists are busy, the caller hears a: “we are busy…please hold” message, then MOH. Meanwhile, the phones keep ringing. I have worked around by sending the ringgroup to another extension for a second, then re-starting the cycle (with a “thank you for continuing to hold” message). works ok.

You can use a Queue and configure agent retry.

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