Default Dial Tone Option

Is there a way to force a user to push a line key to get a dial tone instead of the phone activating the first line key when the handset is picked up?

I would like the user to hear nothing when the handset is picked up, until they press a line key.

No it will ways present dial tone. Why would you want it to be silent. That would confuse users I would think? Can you present the use case on why someone would want this.

Thanks for the reply! I have an s500 setup to use two extensions. On the left side, the top two line keys are for user 1 and on the right side, the top two line keys are for user 2. If user 2 picks up the phone, it will default to the line for user 1. If they then dial another extension, the receiving user will think that user 1 is calling when, in fact, it will be user 2.

I’m not sure if there is a better way to handle this. I know I can have the users log out and then log back in, but my concern is that they will forget to do that and then we won’t be able to reach them because the phone will be logged out.

It made sense to me, anyway. :slight_smile:

With Yealink phones you are able to switch between accounts which should be the default account by using the arrow up or down keys, this does not work on Sangoma phones. Maybe submit a feature request.

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