Default behaviour on 'no answer' with rings groups and follow me

Hi -I have the following setup for a small support team:

‘IT Support’ Inbound route -> Ring Group 600 -> Voicemail 8600 if no answer

Ring group 600 includes extension 8602 (main support desk) only

Extension 8602 has a ‘follow me’ listing the numbers of the other support team members and -> Voicemail 8602 if no answer.

Where will unanswered inbound calls go - voicemail 8600 (desired) or 8602.

I am not in a position to try this from my current location so any advice appreciated.


It will not use the Follow-Me of 8602 unless you use ‘8602#’ as the extension number, otherwise it will just use the actual extension for 8602.

In either case the fail-over destination will stick with the parent ringgroup.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Thanks, as ever, Philippe.

I was playing with the config and ended up with this:

Inbound route -> Ring Group 600 -> One phone 8600 (primary support person) with no follow-me.

Ring Group 600 destination if no answer = Ring Group 601 (8600 + 8601 + 8602 and other support phones)

This works as planned: 8600 (RG600) rings and, after the right period, RG601 kicks in and all phones ring BUT…

The destination if no answer for RG601 was Voicemail 8600 - BUT VM does not answer and the caller gets cut off (steady tone).

If, however, if the destination is set to extension 8600, that phone rings and eventually voicemail kicks in - but this gives an extra period with only one phone ringing.

Is this expected behaviour or should RG601’s ‘no answer’ destination work if set to voicemail 8600?

Hope that makes sense!?


This is not the expected behavior however I just tested a similar setup and don’t get the same result. I cascaded two ring groups with the last one going to voicemail. I created a misc application to dial the ringgroup and then dial and it flows as expected trying the first followed by the second ringgroup followed by dropping straight into the designated voicemail.