Default Backup location for AsteriskNow 6.12 64bit


May i know the default Backup files location for AsteriskNow 64-bit.



Created couple of backups but could never find them in the below location.
can you help.

About backup storage locations

Backup storage destinations can be viewed and edited by clicking “Servers” on the right.

There are two default disk storage locations for backup files.

“Local Storage (local)” (this is the usual option)
The backup tarball file is stored in “/var/spool/asterisk/backup/(backupjobname)/*.tgz” on the local machine
"Legacy Backup (local)"
This is only used for backups made by FreePBX earlier than ver. 2.10
Additional locations can be created to send backups to an e-mail account, a remote FTP server, a remote server using SFTP, or a remote MySQL server. These options are used for sending backups to a different server or site, or for setting up a warm standby FreePBX system.

I just checked. I have 64 bit FreePBX, and they are located in /var/spool/asterisk/backup/(backupjobname)/