Dedicated fax line

Hi, besides my Sipstaion and Twillio trunks I have a dedicated fax line from an old fashion phone company connected through a hardware card.

I also have an extension for our fax machine on the same card.

Incoming calls get routed to the fax directly.

What is the easiest way to set up that this extension only uses this line for outgoing calls?


(FreePBX 13, Asterisk 13)


I would say an outbound route with a dial pattern that specifies the extension it applies to (the last field) and with a “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes” which routes it to your analog trunk…

That outbound route needs to be put before the route(s) you use for other extensions (otherwise your fax would use the wrong route)…

Good luck and have a nice day!


In your outbound route, use the new “fourth field” and set it up to match your outgoing Caller ID.

Thanks! Yes, works great!

Dave, didn’t we say the same thing?

Isn’t the caller id for an extension as far as outbound route is concerned the extension number???


Am I misreading this?


@Marbled You are right. We are in complete agreement.