Dect Phones EPM

We ordered today the new Sangoma Dect phones, FreePBX 13 all modules updated, no option yet to configure the phone in EPM.

Bump… We just received these phones, no way to provision them.:no_mouth:

If you just received them, they are under warranty. Have you opened a support ticket?

I just added some documentation on configuring DECT basestations and handsets with Endpoint Manager.

The screenshot you posted isn’t from a useful place for configuring these devices, since that’s for setting line keys and BLFs on a phone.

edit - fixed link [mod]

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Probably wise to start with the very latest version of EPM before starting with:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint

@qwell thanks for clarifying. I was assuming that you will be able to configure what you see on the screen like any of the sangoma phones in that section of EPM.
Haven’t had a chance yet to play with these phones yet, but i see from the pictures that you do have a phonebook icon on the screen, are these shortcuts not possible to configure from EPM like any other phone?

P.S. I see the wiki link was changed, if anyone looking for it here it is

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