DECT Handset with Repeaters

Can anyone recommending a nice DECT Handset that is compatible with Endpoint Manager that has the ability to use repeaters? I have found a few nice ones but none that in Endpoint Manager. We do not want to use the older Yealink W52 handset.

Bonus: a couple BLF Keys. :slight_smile:


I see the KX-TGP500 is supported by EPM however the KX-TGP600 is considered the replacement for the 500. Are the config files the same and can be used interchangeably?

No sure on that one. I think Panasonic is certified with FreePBX so the devs should be adding it soon.

I like the Panasonic myself. Much better imho than the w52 but there is no extenders that work that model.

The 600 model I found does have extenders and you can link up to 3 Cascading extenders or 6 perimeter extenders. My only issue is the 500 was only supported not the 600 but panisonic said the 600 is the replacement for the 500 and the 550 I think.