DECT Conference Room Phone

We have a client that wants a completely wireless conference room phone that is rechargable. This is the easy part I found about 10 of them that are nice a few even play with Endpoint Manager.

Problem is all of them are analog and dont natively register a SIP connection. We are using PBXact devices and this unit does have a card with 2 FXS ports on it but the issue is the ports dont show up under DAHDi config. I can only assume this is something i am doing wrong but i honestly would rather not use analog at all.

Does anyone know of a fully wireless conference room phone that will register a SIP connection?


Google would have given you

so either the cheaper FXS phones or the more expensive SIP phones would work for you, some are wifi

I appreciate the response dicko however no google did not help me. I may not have been clear on what i was requesting…

TRUE WIRELESS no wires period. Polycom does make one and a few others but they are all FXS phones that use DECT technology. I want a rechargable wireless phone that uses SIP.

@jessy5765 take a look at this phone, will that fit your needs?

I use these RevoLabs phones for a couple clients. works pretty well. These clients have thick marble conference tables, so there aren’t any holes… wireless and battery operated was the only way to go.

I looked at that Konftel phone and it looked perfect before but when I handed it over to my boss as a solution he found somewhere it wasn’t a sip phone it was analog only. Is that the case or no? Because it was a perfect fit.

Edit: ohhhh that’s a Wx. I never saw that. Just the 300w.

The Trio 8800


802.11 a/b/g/ CONNECTIVITY

(I googled that :wink: )

@dicko Dicko thank you for looking but I mean… Really wireless. That thing still has a plug for power. Trust me I have been in the IT business for 12 years, I know what Google is. :slight_smile:

I already called polycom and they told me the only wireless battery conference phone they have is analog only. They are working on a sip device.

The other solutions however we’re both what I was looking for. Now to research the 2 products. Thanks guys I really appreciate it.

Dect is wireless, wifi is wireless, dc power not so much get a 12v car battery dude, I’ve been doing low voltage dc since I was 6, AA batteries are DC you might need 8 in series.

Hahahaha. Honestly your idea isn’t bad if it was for me but my clients might not think the same. :slight_smile:

Clients are always right ! ( until they become terminally stupid :wink: do they have cell phones? )

and perhaps a soldering iron, seriously it would work for you

Okay after researching the Konftel 300Wx is the phone I want to go with. You have to make sure to purchase the DECT module to go with it. Total cost is around $750 reseller and it has 60 hours of talk time battery as well the template in Endpoint manager for the KT300IP will work with this phone. :slight_smile:

Very happy. Thank you all for the help.

For anyone looking at this thread, the Konftel 300WX with the DECT-10 is almost identical to the Sangoma/FreePBX DB20 that endpoint manager configures. Make a base station as a DB20 and use the Konftel DECT-10 MAC and use this calculator - - to covert the IPEI on the 300WX to hex so you can enter it into endpoint as the Handset ID. There are two issues to resolve, first auto provision does not work on boot (if you use http, tftp should work though option 66) so you will have to setup the DECT-10 the server and provisioning for the first boot, after its provisioned HTTP provisioning will work fine. Second, there is a line in the config that is wrong that will not allow incoming call waiting. To fix that go to Basefile Edit and change option “SUBSCR_SIP_LINE_NAME” to be all “” instead of the "ext_number " and that will resolve that issue. ALSO very important!! endpoint will want to update the firmware of the DECT-10, that is fine, but you must update the firmware, both the phone and the DECT firmware (two separate updates, one over USB and the other on a SD card) on the 300WX or it will not pair, also make sure the band is correct as the Sangoma firmware changes the band to US instead of US-EXT (See Konftel’s support page on that) Hopefully this information will be helpful to someone.