Declined (603) error due Codec issue

Dear Community,

I use FreePBX and I have set in the General SIP Settings the Codec G729 as the first codec, and then uLaw and aLaw and GMS. I can call without problems from SIP phone to SIP phone if both supports the G729 codec. Soon as I call a device that don’t support the G729 codec (it doesn’t matter if I call from G729 phone to non G729 phone or from non to non G729 phone) I get a Declined 603 error soon as I answer the phone. What could be wrong? As I mentioned I have enabled several codecs and I thought if a device don’t support a certain codec they will choose one that both support.

Thanks for your help.


Asterisk ‘passes through’ g729 natively. If any leg of the call requires transcoding, the g729 codec you have installed requires you pay digium money for using it.

Thanks, this fixed the issue.

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