Dealing with the Future?

Greetings all,

I, like many CIOs, am confronted with a multitude of choices. Today, I am posting this to solicit feedback on a question:

“Which IPPBX software distro that includes FreePBX is the best choice for a call center going forward?”

Once upon a time, we used [email protected], but then moved to Elastix once Fonality made their intentions clear. We’re fine with Elastix, except for the part about never upgrading their distro to include the newer releases of FreePBX.

While it may be “obvious” to many in this forum that the FreePBX distro would be the best choice-- I suppose I am concerned that some of the “bundling” present in Elastix will not be present in the FreePBX distro. Specifically, Elastix has complete support for Rhino hardware and also offers a tool to allow multiple Elastix servers to create a trust relationship between them with auto-routing of intracompany calls.

Would anyone like to weigh in on this? My main concern is that I need to select the best option which makes it the easiest to route calls between our multiple offices and supports our Rhino FXO and Rhino PRI boards. The one thing I am set upon is that I will only go with an option that contains FreePBX.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may share.

Not sure what you mean about adding locations to auto trust for interoffice calls. I have never seen such a thing or what you exactly mean.

As far as Rhino the DAHDI module in FreePBX and the DAHDI RPMs we build have full support for RHINO cards.