Dead Link on welcome Page

Hello everybody,

i downloaded today May 2 2012

Stable-1.811.210.57 Release Date-4/27/12 64 Bit CentOS 5.7

After installation on the welcome Page “Get Official FreePBX Support”

the URL changes to and then to but no data.

This is maybe not new to you but for me as a User it is.

You did a great Job with your Distro. I definitely enjoy the iSymphony integration.

Thank you very much.


We made the required changes to the landing page which should be available shortly.

Edit: The appropriate rpm freepbxdistro-header has been pushed to our yum servers. Can you please do a yum update freepbxdistro-header and let me know if your issue is resolved.

Hello Bryan,
thanks the yum download worked perfect.

All Links running fine now.