Dead Air on Random Calls

I am currently 6.12.65-30 with Asterisk v13. Every once in a while incoming or outgoing calls seem to have dead air. Sometimes we cannot hear the caller and sometimes they cannot hear us. I have had three calls today that have had this issue. I have set one extension to record calls and you can hear the call go dead and then the caller is able to be heard again. I have a port setup to mirror traffic on the Cisco switch and a machine I can set to monitor traffic to see if this shows any issues on our end that would cause this issue. Any other thoughts on how to troubleshoot? It is random at this point and only more noticeable on two customer service extensions because they take the bulk of the calls. Traffic is going over a PRI line over a fiber line from Time Warner. We used this same line previously with an old Avaya system and it didn’t experience these issues. Thanks for any tips to point me in the right direction.

I should also add that the FreePBX server is on site and on the same VLAN as the phones so there shouldn’t be a need to go through a router or firewall to access the server. Phones are Digium as well as the interface card. Server has 8GB of RAM that seems to be around 25% utlization and the CPU is never close to being used. I have seen an instance where the network was high, but hard to pinpoint timeframes.

We had a client today with choppy audio, calls went dead and then reconnected etc. We ran a constant ping from their lan to the internet and also from our office to their firewall, we instantly saw that there’s hiccups.

We asked them to contact their ISP, luckily a modem reboot solved the issue.

I wish their support was better, but every time I call it is like the person has never heard of anything related to phones before. I am setting up a dedicated machine to grab all traffic logs and will set up a a constant ping as well. Thanks!

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