Dead air on audio files on IVR

No matter what I do, my wav files for my IVR play dead air from the outside. They play from recordings but won’t play from the outside. These are new files we had a professional record and they are not working. I have used the audicity to try and convert with no luck. I also used asterisk CLI. The logs show it is playing but there is no audio. Any advice?

your server is a linux box, you have sox available, so to avoid audacity (sometimes it works, but you need to know how to use it ) , try

man sox

and fix your problem. be aware that the asterisk user needs to be able to access anything you make, that includes both permissions and format ( think codecs, for example you are trying to use g729 but you have no licenses)

Does it show they ARE playing, or does it show they ARE TRYING to play?

On the system recordings screen there’s something about “assign key sequence to this recording” (it ends up looking like *481, IIRC). Try dialing the code from the phone and see what that does.