Dead "air" in conversations

Our company is encountering a situation where calls have one or both sides of a conversation stop working. Very much like all of us encounter with cell phones “can you hear me now?”. We have tried to find a pattern to this, what line, phone, in or out, time of day, call id…you name it. No pattern so far but the problem has worsened to the point it happens in nearly every call.

Our system is hosted with Cyberlynk and we have two trunks, one via SipStation and the other with Flowroute. We are running FreePBX ‘VoIP Server’. Our main office has a 100/100 fiber line from our ISP and tests have never shown a glitch. We are using Sangoma phones on our end.

As a test I placed a call from an S705 (ext. 541) at my office off site via another ISP to the corporate office, also a S705 (ext. 8300). Around six minutes into the call our receptionist could no longer hear me (nor I her) for about 15-20 seconds.

I set this system up but am very new to VOIP and many of the terms. I do have over 30 years IT experience. I made a copy of the Asterisk log pertinent to that call and replaced all IP addresses for security (please advise if I missed something!)

…well it wouldn’t fit so an attempt at creating a link:
log file

well that link assumes you have a MS account…
try this one:
log file on filesanywhere

This would have to do with your network at your locations where the phones are. This is not a provider issue as “internal” (within the PBX) calls are having the same issue. All your calls have to leave your network and go to the PBX and then come back into your network.

Make another test and this time, record the call at the PBX. Because you not hearing her is audio coming from the PBX to you and vice versa. If the audio is clear on the PBX recording then the audio is leaving the respective networks fine, hitting the PBX and then being lost at the destination network.

This stinks of NAT, so let’s see what the test with the call recording shows.

will do…thanks Tom

…another clue…where my extension is at my office (lousy internet) …the calls oft times sound choppy (at least that is what I hear). Just tried to call another remote office on our system and “The person you are…” message was choppy. Choppy but not dead air as in gone for several 10’s of seconds.

and oh yes…NAT at both ends…I have a Ubiquiti M5 on my end …corp has a cisco 520 on their end.

I set up call recording and our receptionist is recording all incoming and outgoing calls in an attempt to catch an error

You don’t need many. You just need one that has the dead air and then compare.

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