Ddis and groups


I have a user who have switched form ic-talk to freepbx. In Ic-talk when setting a ring group you could have 5 levels of destinations with a time for each destination level

EG Ring Group 1
101,102,103 - 10
104,105,106 - 10
101,102,103,104,105 - 20

This would call 101,102,103 for 10 seconds then 104,105,106 for 10 seconds and then 101,102,103,104,105 for 20s

Doing the same in Freepbx I would have to set up 3 ring groups and set the Destination if no answer:

Doing this means using at least 3 ring groups for each ddi. is there an alternative method to achieving this.

Secondly we want to set up the users ddi to ring their individual extension then their team and if no answer go to the users individual extension. Now again I know its possible by setting up multiple ring groups for each team and setting the end destination as users voicemail, but again this requires a lot of groups to achieve something that should be relatively simple.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

You are looking for something like THIS