DB20N Not provisioning via HTTP on FreePBX

I’m trying to configure a Sangoma DB20N base station and accompanying handset with my FreePBX Virtual machine running v14.0.5.25. I’ve followed the wiki instructions, however the base station is unable to get the config via HTTP. I know the Virtual Machine and the base station have network connectivity between one another. However, the base’s syslog shows this error on boot: [ Download of /Config/[MAC].cfg from[]:84 failed] I have an S205 desk phone that didn’t give me nearly this much grief configuring. I’m not averse to just putting this thing in TFTP mode either if that makes this easier. I’m working with FreePBX so I can learn more about asterisk based VoIP solutions.

Do you have Apache credentials for http provisioning URL? If so, the DB20 http download will fail. You need to manually enter the creds in the phone GUI for it to work, or just use tftp.

That’s the thing. I go over to my provisioning protocols and I can’t enable authentication for HTTP provisioning. If I enable it, the creds won’t auto-generate and it won’t take creds I put in myself. I’ll switch to TFTP to see if I can get that to work in the mean time. I saw an issue where the GUI enables HTTP provisioning authentication but doesn’t display that it is on or what the creds are. Also, I thought you needed the sysadmin pro module (which I haven’t purchased) for HTTP(S) authentication.

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