DB20N\D10 contacts configuration help

I have a small test setup of FreePBX 14 with an S400 and a DB20N with 2 D10 handsets. I have the S400 contacts soft button using the REST-Contacts app and it works great for my needs. There doesn’t appear to be any way to configure the DB20\D10 handsets through the endpoint manager default config file.

I’ve logged into the DB20N and can see an option for “Central Directory” and it seems I can create and import a directory. However, I can’t find anything about the format of the import file. This isn’t ideal but would work for my setup. Does anyone have any help on the file format or another way to have contacts show on the D10s?

It’s not a supported feature at this time. Its a project we stated and never had enough demand for to complete and why End Point does not expose anything to you for it.

I have tried this too, and was able to find some information via trial and error. Contacts can be imported in a CSV file like this:


They can be imported either to the central directory, or to the individual extension with the same format. You can have both central directory and local phonebook on each phone
Snom uses apparently identical hardware, with similar firmware. Not everything is guaranteed to work, but for some documentation on the DB20n, try http://downloads.snom.net/documentation/M700_M300_Admin_Guide_en.pdf

Thank you. I have it up and going.

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