DB20 DECT DC201 On-line Repo and GUI out of sync?

Wiki says:
“You must have Endpoint Manager 13.0.117 / or higher to configure the DECT DC201 system.”

GUI Says:
" EndPoint Manager 14.0.11" - Check OnLine says “Up to date”

FW Console MA listonline says:
" endpoint | 14.0.11 | Newer than online version (14.0.9) "

My DB20 will not register. Do I need edge to upgrade to required should be older than 14.0.11.

What is the issue you are experiencing when trying to register? What does the network look like (flat?)?What do the logs say?

You have purchased EPM but did not renew maintenance.

@comtech - yes, 14.0.11 is also newer that on-line 14.0.9. I assume that is Edge, but if I did that it was in my sleep. Wondering if I should downgrade to 14.0.9

Log says

Download of Config/005058700426.cfg from 208.XX.XX.183[208.XX.XX.183]:84 failed]

That file does not exist on the system. I followed the wiki and used web GUI to set provision URL directly to server.

@PitzKey - I did not purchase EPM. I’m all Sangoma so use OSS

Sorry, you are right. I did not fully read here. Apologies…

Think you might need to go with an official support ticket. Seems strange, but I haven’t had to provision this model.

EPM is free for Sangoma and Digium phones. I’m a little confused now.

What OS and FreePBX version are you running?

Yes, the free one is open source and that is what I use. I did not purchase it. (For this system, but you may have seen other posts about systems I did purchase commercial EPM for.)

SNG7 Distro v

I have not been able to get it to create 005058700426.cfg. I’m opening a ticket.
My experience with multiple DC201 systems has been rather dismal.

The commercial Endpoint Manager is not open source regardless of whether you’ve paid for it or not. It is free to use for Digium/Sangoma devices, but the license is still commercial.

PM me your ticket number, I will chase it.

Thank you, @lgaetz. I sincerely appreciate that, and it resolved my issue. I submitted a ticket and then when I looked at the info I pasted in I saw I had configured for HTTP but used HTTPS in URL. Duh. I hate being stupid and wasting other’s time. (I closed ticket – it all works now.) Thanks, guys.

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