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DB20 DECT DC201 On-line Repo and GUI out of sync?

(Jerry Riggin) #1

Wiki says:
“You must have Endpoint Manager 13.0.117 / or higher to configure the DECT DC201 system.”

GUI Says:
" EndPoint Manager 14.0.11" - Check OnLine says “Up to date”

FW Console MA listonline says:
" endpoint | 14.0.11 | Newer than online version (14.0.9) "

My DB20 will not register. Do I need edge to upgrade to required

#2 should be older than 14.0.11.

What is the issue you are experiencing when trying to register? What does the network look like (flat?)?What do the logs say?

(Itzik) #3

You have purchased EPM but did not renew maintenance.

(Jerry Riggin) #4

@comtech - yes, 14.0.11 is also newer that on-line 14.0.9. I assume that is Edge, but if I did that it was in my sleep. Wondering if I should downgrade to 14.0.9

Log says

Download of Config/005058700426.cfg from 208.XX.XX.183[208.XX.XX.183]:84 failed]

That file does not exist on the system. I followed the wiki and used web GUI to set provision URL directly to server.

(Jerry Riggin) #5

@PitzKey - I did not purchase EPM. I’m all Sangoma so use OSS

(Itzik) #6

Sorry, you are right. I did not fully read here. Apologies…


Think you might need to go with an official support ticket. Seems strange, but I haven’t had to provision this model.

(Dave Burgess) #8

EPM is free for Sangoma and Digium phones. I’m a little confused now.


What OS and FreePBX version are you running?

(Jerry Riggin) #10

Yes, the free one is open source and that is what I use. I did not purchase it. (For this system, but you may have seen other posts about systems I did purchase commercial EPM for.)

(Jerry Riggin) #11

SNG7 Distro v

(Jerry Riggin) #12

I have not been able to get it to create 005058700426.cfg. I’m opening a ticket.
My experience with multiple DC201 systems has been rather dismal.

(Lorne Gaetz) #13

The commercial Endpoint Manager is not open source regardless of whether you’ve paid for it or not. It is free to use for Digium/Sangoma devices, but the license is still commercial.

PM me your ticket number, I will chase it.

(Jerry Riggin) #14

Thank you, @lgaetz. I sincerely appreciate that, and it resolved my issue. I submitted a ticket and then when I looked at the info I pasted in I saw I had configured for HTTP but used HTTPS in URL. Duh. I hate being stupid and wasting other’s time. (I closed ticket – it all works now.) Thanks, guys.