DB Error Connect after mysql password change!

Hello all,

I am trying to get rid of the “Default SQL Password” notice but after trying to follow all available information on FreePBX and Trixbox forums I have had to change them back to the default “amp109”

I am using FreePBX fresh install with Asterisk 1.6 and CentOS 4.7 Final mysql version 4.1.22.

The administrator module is working but I would feel better if I could change the mysql password default. Has anyone else experienced this problem??

I have not posted any reports but will do if they are needed.

Thank you to anyone who can offer some assistance with this matter.

Phil Garner


I don’t change the MYSQL root password on my installtions. As long as MYSQL is running in the local mode (only accepts connections from the local machine) I think I am fairly safe. You next argument would be what if the machine got hacked and my thoughts are if it gets hacked, you are going to reload it anyway.

Thank you for your reply.

I assumed that this was a must after reading up on it. But I guess you are right as it is only running in local mode. I have Fail2Ban and Shorewall with IPtables aswell so I have probably done everything possible to secure it. Overkill I guess.

Thanks again.