DB_Error as array

I am completely, in every way, new to freepbx.

I just performed a complete install on CentOS 6.5 using the install script located here: http://asteriskonvps.com/how-to-install-asterisk-and-freepbx-on-centos-6-3-6-4-and-6-5/

It looks like everything is working, except when I click the “User Panel” button on the top left of the top menu, it brings me to /recordings/index.php where I get a blank page.

I looked at the apache error log to see what was causing it and this is what I got:

PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type DB_Error as array in /var/www/html/recordings/modules/callmonitor.module on line 0

Any help in solving this would be great, Thanks,

uninstall endpoint manager.

I have already uninstalled it, that made no difference. With uninstalling it
I also had to uninstall another module that had a dependency but I don’t remember the name of it. Anyways it did not help.

You need to uninstall OSS Endpoint Manager. Not Endpoint. They are different. Confusing I know. The OSS one doesn’t have any dependencies.

then you’ll need to:

rm /var/www/html/recordings/modules/phonesettings.module

OK, now I have uninstalled the correct one: OSS PBX End Point Manager.
I still get the blank page and the same error in the apache log.

OK, your fixed did work, I forgot to delete the soft link.

Thank You so much!

OK, it is working, except I am getting this error
Call to undefined function restapi_user_get_user_tokens() in /var/www/html/recordings/modules/callmonitor.module on line 0 On this page /recordings/index.php?m=restapi&f=display
Which leaves me with a blank page.