Daylight Saving issue

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I have come into work this morning to find all the phones (Yealink T48S) are 1 hour behind after the daylight saving changes over the weekend. I can see the server time in FreePBX is correct in the SYSAdmin module but all phones are an hour off. I have the phones configured to use an NTP server via the relevant templates in EPM.

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NTP servers always serve UTC time. The conversion to the local time zone is done by the device.

You should look back in the forum for traffic regarding the North American DST change going wrong, recently, to see if they apply to you.

Your country could also important, depending on how the time zone is set on the phone, as if it had a recent change to policy, not all vendors may have distributed that policy. However the problem countries I know of have cancelled, or deferred DST, not introduced it early, and one of them is probably on Sangoma’s embargo list. (They have both introduced changes that significant vendors have not distributed, one probably as a result of sanctions and the other because of inadequate notice.)

Now I know changing for DST is done by the phone I have just enabled DST in the Yealink template to resolve the issue.

I looked at the phone documentation, and you appear to be able to set rules for when the changes occur. However, I don’t know if that capability is exposed through EPM.

It can be done via EPM the confusion I had came from my understanding that using NTP would not require any of this however I was mistaken.

I’m not sure if I was clear. The phone itself has options to set the rules for the changes, which should be stable until the government decides to go to permanent Summer time:


I also assume that if you use the long form name:


it will use the standard rules for the country, although that is less clear and probably needs firmware updates to keep up with legislation.

What I don’t know is if EPM allows you that level of control.

Source: Configuring Time Zone on a Yealink Phone - CallTower Solutions Center

Thankyou David. I was able to enable DST and configure start & end date in EPM Yealink Template which has sorted the issue for now. There was no location option though but it may be this can be set using basefile edit in EPM but I will know if location option is needed come October when DST kicks in again and then look into that if necessary…

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