Day/Night visual indication

Thanks to the FreePBX team for the new Day/Night toggle!

It is the kind of feature I was waiting for as I have always used on my small Panasonic PBX.
When I leave the office I switch to Night position (for example at lunch time) and set it back to Day when coming back. On the Panasonic telephone set, a small red led switches from blinking to steady on so you can know at a glance if your system is set to DAY or NIGHT.
Is it possible to implement a similar system with the VOIP phones (I used Linksys SPA942)?

Could I send a command to the phone set in order to get the red bar at the top of the phone to blink for example?

If not possible with this phone, which one could you recommend?

Thank you for you patience,

This could be helpfull if your willing to exploer (and complie asterisk yourself - no trixbox):

If your using polcom phones, the following would be a different approuch: