Day/Night module - Force to one or the other

We use the ‘Day/Night’ module to direct calls in our IVR based on whether we’re open or closed.

“Day” for us is 9:00A to 6:00P
"Night" is the rest.

At “Night” the IVR states we’re closed and prompts caller to leave a message.


On the old “Asterisk @ Home” system, there used to be a ‘force day’ and ‘force night’ option.

This would allow us to ‘force to night’ during holidays.

How do I do this with the current Day/Night Module?

We need something extremely simple so our non tech users can simply click the equivalent of “Force to Day” or “Force to Night”

for simple, use an xml based phone with a led enabled day/night xml application (like an Aastra). Or, in 2.5 daynight will support blfs if you have Asterisk 1.4 loaded with func_devstate installed.