Day / Night mode

Hi all,

I have been using the day / night module and have setup *281 on a key on all the handsets so that last person in the building can press the key and initiate night mode and vice versa for day mode. This has worked fine for one ring group.

The problem I have now is that the company now has 4 DDI’s going to 4 different ring groups in the day but at night they want them all to go to common voicemail.

I can see that I could setup *282, *283 & *284 to change the additional 3 DDI’s individually to night mode but this is extremeley long winded and very unfriendley as I do not have enough keys spare, thus we would have to dial these one after the other.

Is there any way of setting the whole system in to nights mode and then setting routes to do different things in both day and night like traditional PBX’s?

Any input shall be very much appreciated.