Day-Night Mode

Is it just me…or are the “Day” and “Night” reversed…


thanks for the update, feel free to submit a diff patch to our tracker and I’ll be glad to take a look at the changes you did.

Hello, First I want to congratulate to all the equipment of by
the excellent made work, the system is perfect.
The function Day Night, is excellent!
I made some modifications over the source code, like the Panasonic PBX
I have added him the lunch mode. If you have interests to them, I can send
the made modifications to you. This module, works with the version 2.2 o
2.3. For version 2.2, index 0 not work, but the rest, yes.
Sorry for my english,
Best Regards,

database show DAYNIGHT is just the ticket. Should have thought of that!


Hey Phillippe!

The red/green for Night/Day is super!


nope, but it would not be a bad feature request to color code or otherwise put some indication on the right nav bar. If you navigate to the FreePBX page, the setting in the select box will reflect the current state. Otherwise from teh CLI you would have to do ‘database show DAYNIGHT’ (or what ever I called it).



It was really messing with my mind!!!


Hey Phillippe

Is there a command line or something where the Sys Admin can go and look at the status of the Day/Night mode?

I tested about 50 times today. The Day and Night are definitely reversed. I posted a bug report. I suspect the resolution is simply to reverse the DAY and NIGHT captions on the setup page.


I don’t know - do a test and if they are, post a bug with the repro steps and show in the code where they are reversed.