Day-Night mode - How hard would this be?

I see that the day/night mode module can be very useful, but I see a limitation, as well. Right now (aside from the patch posted in an earlier thread), the module can handle up to 10 day/night conditions. The problem is that these conditions are simply listed as “Day/Night mode #” and, though one can add a description that is visible in the web portal, the person dialing the feature code only gets the number…

Say the executive receptionist is asked by the CIO to hold all calls. The CFO (2), CTO (3), and CIO (4) don’t usually ask her to hold all calls, and she doesn’t recall if the feature is *283 or *284. If she dials *283, all she’ll hear is “Day Reception 3 Disabled.” She won’t know that she’s accidentally held calls for the CTO instead of the CIO. (oops)

My suggestion is to add a few options to the day/night control configuration page (and update the dialplan to support the added feature, of course): a checkbox (or pair of radio buttons) to choose between “default announcement” (current behavior) or “custom recordings”. When custom recordings is chosen, two drop-down boxes that would access the list of files created in the “system recordings” module would be enabled. One dropdown would be the message for enabling the code (Day mode), and the other would be the message played when disabling the feature (Night mode).

Were I an experienced PHP programmer / Freepbx developer, I would have done this by now and posted the solution. But since I’m not, I am posting the idea while I see if I can program the solution without wreaking havoc on my FreePBX system. :slight_smile: If I get it working before a solution is posted to this thread, I’ll update with a proposed fix. (However, I’ll gladly accept the help of anyone who’s willing to offer it!)

FWIW: I’m using a PBX-in-a-Flash installation of Asterisk, FreePBX, DayNight mode version If more information would help, please let me know.