Date and Time information out of sync

I have a Trixbox installation currently up and running. I’m using Grandstream GXP-2000 desk phones for all of the users. The issue that I’m having is that some of the phones are not synchronizing correctly. I have the settings in the phones UI to get the date and time from “

They had been working just fine, though seemed to have stopped all of a sudden. Any ideas?



i’m no expert but have you tried changing the ntp time servers to a differnt one ? i’d try that and see what the result would be.

if your server is configured right, you should just point the phones to your FreePBX’s ntp server. The server should be sync-ing with an outside ntp server. No need for all the phones to go out as well (unless they are remote extensions).

Awesome- thanks for the replies!

Actually, yes I did end up pointing the phones to my Trixbox, which is running NTP. Now the date/time is set correctly.