Database problem


new to asterisk and freepbx but I have had everything working just fine using trixbox. I don’t want to have a dedicated machine for asterisk so I decided to install it on one of my Gentoo boxes.

Everything runs fine andthe database is created.

There is one problem though…

My SIP clients can’t connect, I get “Registration from ‘’ failed for ‘’ - Username/auth name mismatch”

I also know why…

FreePBX/AMP creates the extension in a database table called SIP.

This seems to be a “flat” table with multiple lines for every extension.

Asterisk does however look up the connections in a table called SIP_BUDDIES. That table has a different structure so I can’t just change to the table SIP in extconfig.conf.

I am sure that there is an easy solution to this but I just can’t figure it out…

Any help is welcome!


look at /var/log/freepbx_retrieve.log and see if it reveals anything.

It appears that there was permission problems in the log directory. Quite obvious =)

Anways fixing the log folder permissions corrected all my problems…

Thanks for pointing out the filenames to look for, that saved my day =)


What would be the most easy way to find out whether Asterisk runs in realtime mode or not?

I have a sip_additional.conf file but it contains old things… Not my most recent config… What could be the reason if FreePBX doesn’t update it? Is permissions the most likely reason?


all the sip extensions are written to sip_additional.conf where asterisk looks for its info, unless you are doing something with asterisk realtime by chance, which is not supported under FreePBX.

sip_additional.conf is just included by sip.conf.