Database Information

I want to make my own database query, the only problem is where is this information store at? I listed all the databases in mysql and it only shows two. I am just wondering what is the name of the default data base of all the call logs information and recordings information stored called.

The database is asteriskcdrdb the table is cdr.

For the mysql database, reference:

the same data is available in csv format in /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv

any recorded calls are to be found in /var/log/asterisk/monitor

voicemails in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default

(both by default)

Be cautioned that it is all convoluted and separates calls into any component “legs” identified by the uniqueid in cdr and the name of the monitor file.

Good luck . . .

when I do a show databases; in sql it only show two databases none of which are asterisk

FreePBX doen’t use sql (whatever that is) it uses mysql, asterisk also can use mysql for cdr, and by default in FreePBX, does. hen it does, uses the database asteriskcdrdb by default and there is only one table in that, namely cdr.

FreePBX uses it’s own database called asterisk, there are many tables in that. By default there will also me databases called mysql and information_schema.

If these are not apparent, then you are doing something wrong, please elucidate. . .

SQL = MYSQL sorry for that one. I log in to mysql using mysql -u root password then i run the command show databases; and it only give me two none of which are called asterisk or anything near asterisk.

Then I suggest you did something wrong, post from bash:-

mysql -u root -p(yourrootpassword) -e ‘show databases’

If there is no asterisk or asteriskcdrdb shown, then you sorry you do not get to pass go and you don’t get your 200 dollars.

All this will be needed before you can “make my own database query” . . .


What are the two that you have? Is FreePBX actually working through WebUI?

Also, do show the content of the file /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf