Database Definitions


FreePBX 15.

Is there a database definitions document for the FreePBX MYSQL databases. We are attempting to consolidate multiple PBX’s reporting into one external DB. IT would speed things up tremendously if there was a doc to reference for data locations and definitions. This is not for the Asterisk CDR data, but other info, like queue, RGs, etc.

Thanks for your help!

for i in $(mysql asterisk -s -e 'show tables'); do echo "Description of $i";mysql asterisk -e "describe $i" ;done

You basically have to figure it out. We do this to sync stuff to a central DB for admin purposes and auto-setting up of disaster recovery PBX - you have to look at:

  • mysql db on a given PBX
  • astdb on a given PBX
  • voicemail.conf on a given PBX for voicemail settings per extension
    depending on what pieces you want. I think in theory if you could also get most if not all of this by using the bulk export tool if you didn’t want to figure out all of the above.

Every module.xml 14+ has the database defined in the module.xml

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