Dashboard Warning; Test repos are enabled

Hi all,

I recently faced an error with our regular update crashing midway; I SSH’ed into the core and ‘yum upgrade’ the system.

Now we are receiving a yellow caution warning on our FreePBX dashboard stating “Test repos are enabled”:
‘sangoma-devel’ rpm is installed.
yum repo ‘sng7-testing’ is enabled.

I checked, and the sng7-testing (Sangomga-7-8.2003.3.el7.sangoma - Staging 3,99) repo is listed as Staging.

How can I remove the caution warning? Should we delete this repo, or can I change the repos Staging attribute?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

HI @edoubleoo

  1. Removing sangoma-devel RPM will remove the testing repo from your system

“yum remove sangoma-devel”

  1. Delete the warning notification in the dashboard, so it will not reoccur again.

Is the sangoma-devel a required RPM for a production installation?

Are there any benefits to keeping this RPM installed?

HI @edoubleoo,

The sangoma-devel rpm is not required for the production system.
The Sangoma-devel rpm installs required packages for doing development and debugging on the FreePBX distro.

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Thank you for your assistance :hugs:

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