Dashboard slow, very slow!


since yesterday to access the freepbx dashboard the browser also takes 60 seconds, the problem occurs

with the dashboard (admin/config.php?display=index)
with the Modules page (/admin/config.php?display=modules) and
Commercial Licensing /admin/config.php?display=sysadmin&view=commerciallicenses)

this on 6 different pabx, on different networks and different versions (15 and 16) is therefore not a server or network problem, moreover the machines have been in production for years

We have already tried disabling the rss feeds, or checking the dns, but as I said the problem appeared yesterday and the fact that even calling up the licenses page the system takes up to 60 seconds leads me to think that there is a call to some external service not reachable

after some tests with a “tcpdump port 53” I see that the system calls katanafpbx.schmoozecom.com

if i put in host file localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4 freepbx.sangoma.local katanafpbx.schmoozecom.com

all works again

what is katanafpbx.schmoozecom.com ?

Something is definitely wrong. All of my v15 and v16 systems are taking a very long time to access the dashboard. On a v16 system VM when I’ve rebooted the firewall does not start up now and I can only access the system from the VM host now.

So far no issues with older PBX14 cloud installations.

Also long delays accessing the Module Admin page.

I don’t know if it helps but katanafpbx.schmoozecom.com as reported here https://support.digium.com/s/article/PBX-Platforms-Allowed-IPs-for-PBXact-Upgrade is for “System activation and license update” and reading here https://trust.sangoma.com/ there are some problems with Sangoma services. So I think that the Pabx not being able to contact that url prevents or slows down the opening of the dashboard, that of the modules or that of the licenses

in fact even when you open the modules page, there is the tab relating to the licenses and the same in the dashborad…so every time there is a license check the pages do not load

right now the only work-a-round has been editing the hosts file in /etc localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4 freepbx.sangoma.local katanafpbx.schmoozecom.com

similar problem

Thank you for posting this. I have noticed the same problem on our pbx today and thought something is broken.

here is the fix for this issue…

upgrade sysadmin to edge version 16.0.38

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade sysadmin

note 15.0.32 should do it for those on 15

Thank you. Can confirm this fixes the issue.

Dashboard are now responsive. Sangoma resolved past night.

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