Dashboard shows "System Firewall - Firewall service not running!"

Brand new v13 installation that was configured and running perfectly for less than a week. Power went out at the data center and now the dashboard shows an X near System Firewall and that the “Firewall service not running!”.

Firewall is enabled, Responsive firewall is not enabled.
Module admin shows version 13.0.26.

Only diagnostic I’ve run thusfar is:
ps auxww | grep firewall
root 5460 0.0 0.0 103244 880 pts/0 S+ 22:07 0:00 grep firewall

Check for update of your System firewall module Mines updated to

This should sort the problem!:slight_smile:
It did for me

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Sounds like it just needs ‘fwconsole firewall start’, but, you should be using, as we’ve just finished testing it with complete end to end TLS and SRTP.

Run fwconsole ma downloadinstall firewall and that’ll get the new one.

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Ran ‘fwconsole firewall start’ and got a broadcast message that the firewall service was starting. Refreshed the dashboard module and the check mark is now there. Will restart the server over the weekend and verify that I don’t have to manually rerun the service after a reboot.

Thanks Rob!

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