Dashboard showing 2 calls when it should show 1

In FreePBX 12.0.70 / under Asterisk (Ver. 11.14.2), in d&e mode, I have 4 SIP trunks (all with same provider, same DID but different SIP usernames), and 1 queue.

The queue has queue-no-answer feature enabled, and ringall strategy (and autofill but I /think/ I tried this on and off and there was no difference)

The queue shows in myserver/admin/config.php?&type=tool&display=asteriskinfo&extdisplay=channels, 1 call that is incoming to the queue, and one that is ‘outgoing’ from the queue, for the duration of the call. (the above shows 2 channels active for duration of the call)

Hence each call through the queue is classified / counted twice.

A (just about only one) not-so-nice effect of that is, that the dashboard shows the calls double.
Other than that, everything else seems to be working correctly.

Is there any setting I can change, to make the calls going through the queue, not count up double ?

(this is quite long-standing, I noticed this at least since I actually configured the queue up, on May 15th)