Dashboard not auto-refrashing

Is the dashboard supposed to auto-refresh?
When I had the old PiaF distro, I could leave the System Stats page open & the green bar graphs would update in real-time with active calls, CPU usage, etc. Now that I’m on FreePBX 13, the dashboard doesn’t update/refresh. If I reload the whole page or click the reload icon on an individual panel, it updates fine, but that’s getting to be a pain & I’d like to see the stats in real-time. Is something broke or is this by design?

Has no one had this issue before, or am I missing something?
Should it not be auto-updating?

No it does not.

I’ve just (as in the last few days) implemented an auto-refresh of network usage in FreePBX 14’s dashboard. People also want active calls, so that will go in there, too, at some point (pull requests welcome! 8-))

Yes please, that would be great, as this seem like a regression since FreePBX 2 did have real-time updates.